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A Watercooling Unit, Need some advice please

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Aug 2, 2001
Howdy Everyone! This is my first post here :). Anyway, I am in the market for a watercooling unit. I have an AXIA T-Bird 1Gig Week 15 Y that will boot windows at 1526 but gets alittle hot with Air cooling. Infact I'm not comfrotable at all running this computer without watercooling at that speed so I've scaled back a bit. Right now I am using an Enlight mid tower case. I dunno i just really like the style of it. I am concerned that I cannot fit a decent watercooling rig in there but really really don't want to buy another case.
I was looking into getting the Colorado 120 unit from Leufkin Technologies. How does this unit stack up?
Other options were the Danger Den maz 2 block with the cooling cube and an etheim pump. I'm sorry if my spelling is bad. That is a bit more expensive and doesn't have a resovoir. One thing I am concerned about is that the Leufkin one has a copper waterblock and an aluminum radiatior, isn't that a bad thing? Do ya'll think I can get this to fit inside my Enlight case. I would like this thing to be as quiet as possible and if I can get it all within the case I'll be a happy camper. I really don't want to see anything from the outside. Again I apologize for the bad spelling. Thanks!
Welcome to the forums. You'll get a ton of good info here.

Goto the main page www.overclockers.com and click on my name at the top (J. Orrand). It'll take you to the water cooling write up I did. I used an Enlight Mid Tower and fit everything in side.

Skip in the cooling cube. It is large and doesn't provide any better cooling than the smaller aquacoil radiator BECOOLING sells. Get the DangerDen Maze-2 copper water block. I don't recommend mixing copper and aluminum. I used an aquarium pump as it was cheap and was 295GPH. Eheim's are good but can be a little costly.

Good luck. That's an awesome overclock on that 1gig chip!
Thanks a ton for your help I really appreciate it! Where can I get some info on the BeCooling stuff? I'd llike to look at the stuff online (pricing/options) before I buy anything. Where is the Becooling website. www.becooling.com is all under construction..
Cool thanks :)

Where can I get this stuff? Here's my current list
Danger Den Maze 2 Block , www.dangerden.com
MaxiJet 1200 www.IHAVENOIDEA.com

I just don't know where to get this. I can find conventional computer parts on the net in about 3 seconds. I buy just about everything mail order, but I have no idea on this stuff.

Ok another question, sorry for being such a pest, would it be a good idea to use a reservoir? I know a lot of people don't, they just put everything in line and hope the radiator cools it well enough. Is that a good idea? Thanks a lot :)

Hehe cool i just found the nifty spell checker.
AMDGuy, what radiator did you use? It looks to me to be an Aluminum flavored one. Am I correct? I am looking for a radiator that size but in copper.

Nevermind I'm retarded. I found it.
I have the Leufkin kit, and I wouldn't recommend it for overclocking over 1.45 ghz. I'm not knocking the product, it's quiet, compact, and efficient--but it's not up to heavy duty overclocking, IMHO. I'm replacing mine with the DD kit with (w/ Eheim 1250 pump). I disagree with AMD Guy about the Cooling Cube, 'cause he's relying on a comparison someone did with a underpowered pump. It's just hard to believe that the CC, with roughly 4X the surface area, would make so little difference. My new stuff should be in next Wed., so if you can wait until next Sunday I'll let you know how the radiators compare with a stronger pump. I expect to see a difference of 3-4 degrees, but who knows.

Regarding reservoirs, they don't really contribute to cooling, but they do make it easier to fill an inline system (and of course they're required for a submerged system). Mixing aluminum and copper isn't a big deal as long as you use anti-corrosives like antifreeze and/or water wetter. Still, why not play it safe and use a cheap tupperware container or a waterproof utility box from Home Depot?

BTW, if you decide you want the Leufkin kit after all, I happen to know where you can buy one cheap. :)
Definitely compare the two if possible. I've got the aquastealth radiator now and like it's performance. While the Dangerden will not fit in my case I am looking to upgrade to a full tower ATX case and could use it. I've definitely got a strong enough pump now (Maxijet 1200).
I think I'm going to build the setup that AMDGuy has. I am just concerned about having a resovoir in my case. I'm also concerned it will not fit. I have an Enlight Mid tower.
I am intruiged about the prospect of getting the Leufkin one cheap. I'm all about saving money. Can we discuss that, I'm curious of the price... I dunno I might be able to built myself a better setup.
Thanks for all ya'lls help.
How is that Jagged Edge water block that BeCooling sells?
Anyone have experience with this one? It's cheaper than the Maze2....