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A0 code with new motherboard

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New Member
Feb 22, 2016
this has nothing to do with your memory and there is nothing wrong with your hardware, this debug code A0 comes up when you have your bios set to IDE or is set to RAID

I just finished the build part of my new PC using Asus Maximus VIII Hero Alpha mother board. I have trouble shooted to the point that I now get this A0 code. According to the manual it means IDE initialization is started. Unfortunately it doesn't get past the starting...I only get this code when my gpu is plugged into the PSU. So far it will not post while the gpu is connected to PSU.

I just noticed the dates on everyone's previous posts...


Gulper Nozzle Co-Owner
Dec 15, 2008
I moved your post to a thread of your own instead of a 4 year old thread. :)

Please list your complete system specifications so we know what you are working with.

Have you tried booting from the onboard video and then updating your BIOS?


Dec 13, 2015
In addition to the hardware listing, we also need to know what you have already done for troubleshooting.

FYI: A0 is the code where the system passes control from the BIOS to the operating system. It's the sign of a successful boot. When you power the system on, it will flash through many different numbers, probably pausing on a couple of them, and then it will settle on A0 when it boots into Windows and it will stay there until you power the system off or reboot it. I have a case window right next to the debug display, so I watch it every time.