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a64 WCin advice needed

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Jan 30, 2004
alright, i got me first WC done on my axp system, took a while but i got it done
now im lookin at an a64 system and i notice since there is no NB between the CPU and the AGP slot, the CPU is really close to the Vid card ( here is a picture for those who dont have a64 )
unlike my nf7 where the cpu was at the top edge. this comes in a problem as i had problems getting it to my maze4 gpu, ended up not being able to use the fan on the side of my case.

so any one have any solutions? at first i thought elbows, but then ppl would yell that it is flow restricter, then i decided to use one of these dealies . any body have any experiances with them? im going to be using the new swiftech 6002 block with my maze4 on gpu and mcp600 pump oh yeh the heatercore as well.

any one has any suggestions, pictures or anything that can help me connect the CPU block to the GPU block and still being able to use my case door with the fan inside i would really apreciate it

oh yeh i thought about using This as my Future T-line, its expensive but i think it will look better.

thanks guys for reading, i really need to know quick because i might order my a64 upgrades next week


Nov 13, 2002
You should really try to make the turn with just the tubing...you could try turning the output tube from the cpu block to the right so that it comes off toward your ram and then having it curve back around. Just an idea...I don't know if it will be more restrictive than the 90 degree turns though, because it will require a little more tubing.