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a7m266 is a piece of #@%

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Jan 3, 2001
folks -

I just bought the asus ddr a7m266. So far, I can't even get the frickin board to post with pc2100 mem at 133 mhz. I've tried using their lousy multiplier/mb implementation to no avail. I can increase the voltage, but big deal. I'm pretty damn certain that I penciled in the l1 bridges correctly, so what freaking gives? I can't adjust the mult on the fly, I can't do it with jumpers, and since my 1.2 gz ath is not a 133 part, there ain't no way it's gonna work at the normal 12x multiplier. In other words, this is an expensive piece of crap.

Anyone who's had any luck with this board and mult ajdustment, please respond. I'm fuming. OH, and it also misreports the installed memory.

punished by the early adopter penalty,
Trouble with being a pioneer, is there's too many injun's ready to shoot you with their arrows :¬)}

That's the reason I bought a new Slot 1 board when my BH6 died a few weeks ago. I prefer to let other folk make mistakes for me to laugh at :¬)} and wait until the next Rev of the board/compo appears.

(Not really laughing, merely smiling :¬)})
The only thing I can think would be wrong is the L1 bridges. If you've read the article on the home page, you'll see that it might be possiblt that a pencil simply won't work in this case - too much resistance. If you want to be absolutely sure, use the rear window defroster repair kit, or a conductive pen. If you can try in another board, and it lets you adjust the multiplier, you can be pretty sure it's a problem with your mobo. However, it's just too convenient that a problem with the L1's could explain your situation perfectly.