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A7M266 Multiplier Mod not working... Help!

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Apr 11, 2001
Bellingham, WA
I just got my ne A7M266, actualy I got 2 of them one is for a friend, and got ready to add the switches and resistors for the multiplier mod. Then I noticed that the resistors that are supposed to be 4.7k Ohm were 472 Ohm… I quickly looked at the other board and it was the same! Yea, I don’t have to change the resistors! Well, I just finished putting on the switch block and it doesn’t work. L I’m using a 1.33Ghz AXIA Athlon that came with all the L1 bridges closed so it should be unlocked. I tried everything I could think of, put a little more solder on the switch pins just in case it didn’t make a connection, but no go…

(I did play around with the FSB a little and got it up to 1.5Ghz! Didn’t try any higher, I went back to trying to fix the multiplier problem.)

Anybody have any ideas?


I'm not one hundred percent sure, but I've been told that the numbers you are seeing on the resistors mean, 47 followed by "2" zeros or 4700 Ohms or 4.7K Ohms, which is exactly what they should be, so you do in fact have to change the resistors.

Just to expand and clarify a bit more, let's say you were looking at a 53K Ohms resistor. the chip would be marked 533, 53 followed by "3" zeros.