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A7M266: Try to run Tbird 1.0 @ 1.33, or 1.2 @ 1.2?

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KC Coldbrook

Dec 22, 2000
With the new A7M266, since there are no 133 FSB Tbirds out yet, I'm trying to think of which to go with:

Tbird 1.0, keep it clock locked, and try to run at 1.33


Tbird 1.2, clock unlocked with conductive pen, multipler @ 9X to run at 1.2

If you've got the money, get the 1.2GHz...it's a safe bet that you'll at least get it to 1.33--but the 1GHz jobs are much cheaper (something along the lines of $100 cheaper)...

I don't think you'll get a 1GHz chip up to 1.33--unless you've got some killer cooling system and a voltage mod--but it should go to 1100-1250 or so...

It's really up to how much you want to spend
--one more thing...I heard that some of the new chips are being shipped with some of the pins cut by AMD to set the multiplier--don't know if it is entirely accurate but I would be warry
i have the a7m266. Keep in mind that none of the mult settings work either on the mb or in the bios yet, so the ONLY way to get a 1.2 gz chip to function is to basically mod the chip to 9x. This is annoying in the extreme. My advice is to not buy this mb until they come out with a mb rev that accepts multiplier adj or they update the bios for the adj. As it is right now, I'm running at 107 mhz and highly pissed.

1.28 gz @ 107 mhz.

yeah, it is selectable, but it'll be running at the default multiplier, so if you have a 1.2 gz chip, that's 11.5x, and jesus christ, at 133 that'll be around 1600 mhz, and I'm sure if you don't burn up the chip on reentry the thing won't even post.

wait till asus releases a new bios where you can actually adjust the multiplier. As noted in someone else's thread, this board was obviously rushed to market. Be careful.