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A7N266-E vs. A7N266-C for Overclocking

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New Member
Mar 13, 2002
Trying to research all the differences between these two boards without being able to download manuals from ASUS (server too busy)

Im going to be buying a geforce 4 so dont need the integrated video on the a7n266-e. But need to know if the a7n266-c has all the same overclocking options as the a7n266-e (i.e. locked pci speed, jumperless bios, etc)
Looking at the overview of the boards on asus.com, the
a7n266-e listing talks about "extreme overclockability" in the bios, but the a7n266-c overview doesn't even mention overclocking or jumperless bios for that matter..
just wondering if the ONLY difference between these two boards is the removal of integrated video or does it go deeper than that..

i also notice on the pictures of the mobo's that the a7n266-e has a fan on the northbridge and the a7n266-c does not.. hate to spend the extra 70 bucks on the a7n266-e unless i absolutely need too.

p.s. anyone have any links to reviews of the a7n266-c ?


Feb 10, 2002
From what i've heard, the current a7n266-c bios doesn't have all that much overclocking stuff but that will almost certainly improve just as it did with the azn266-e. There are only a few a7n266-c's in the us at the moment with dolby sound and None that i have seen have onboard lan. As far as the fan on the northbridge, it is not there because the onboard graphics (in the northbridge) are non being used (or not present)... but if you wanted one it would probably cost $8 to add.

If you don't want the onboard lan, you should be able to find a a7n266 (not "E" or "C" )for around $16o or less.

As far as overclocking, noone can really say for sure but people are guessing that, once the bios is smoothened, it will OC better than the a7n266-E. But again, this is all guessing.

If anyone spots a a7n266-c with lan& sound, pleaselet me know!


the real xtremesys admin in exile
Aug 26, 2001
the ''-E'' as I understand it stands for ''Ethernet'' but seems to mean ''everything'' asfor it has that -EVERYTHING! and for overclocking the BIOS options in the ''-E'' is very nice, with the new bios flash to version 1001.d you can have an FSB of 181!!! very nice indeed! as for the ''-C'' I will look for some info on it and look for differences in overclocking and get back to ya.


Oct 14, 2001
A7N266-C Review

I've been chomping at the bit for this board to come out- ordered one last night. Finally found a review here:
I'm not sure how the Nforce chipset will stand up for serious hardcore overclocking ( I'd probably buy an Abit KR7A if that was really important) but it seems to be a fast, stable platform. The removal of the graphics system has seemingly done wonders for it... we'll see ;)
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