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A7n8x Deluxe OC opinion : experience

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New Member
May 9, 2003
Buenos Aires , Argentina
Hi guys, this is my first post in this forum. I found it just surfing the net looking for some A7n8x deluxe OverClocking info.

This is my baby:

- A7n8x DeluXe Rev2.0
- AMD Athlon XP 2400+
- 512 DDR400 OCZ Enhanced Latency Dual Channel ( 2 modules 256 each)
- Thermaltake Volcano 9
- Asus V9280s

Just want to share my experience :

I managed to push up the FSB up to 200 Mhz with a 11X Multiplier (1.7vcore) , getting real 2200 Mhz. Also enabled the Aggresive overall system settings for DDR Performance timing with Dual Channel operation.

If i set the multiplier to (12x - 13.5x) system becomes unstable with Bios & WinXP crashes. Temperatures ranges varies between 59°c and 65°c.

Any advices/tips ? Should i put my memories at 200% (100% now) speed for DDR400 ?? What do you think, is this a nice OClocking?

i read many experienced users in this thread...take my case!:)

Thx to u all ! excellent forum!!;)

PO: Excuse my english if any writing errors appear. Im a spanish speaker and im really far away from u guys!:D