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A7N8X-E: Post Experiences/Results Here

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Dec 15, 2003
I just got an a7n8x-e dlx (rev 1.1) and have seen a couple others have too. So I'm curious how everyone is doing with them.

My very preliminary results:

fsb: 215, 3dmk 2001 + Prime 95, with everything speck
BIOS: 1008 from 12/5/03.
vdd: 1.55v, stock

I haven't tried higher yet because I need to either get new memory or do the vdimm mod, but I will edit when I get higher.

I did measure my vdd and it was at 1.55v!!! I find that very interesting because my rev1.04 a7n8x dlx jumped 20fsb points after I moded it from 1.6v to 1.8v, and I only really quit because it couldn't handle 3d apps over 210fsb.

At 215, on the new board, my south-bridge was over 100F(~40C) so I need to cool that better before increasing the chipset voltage. (That measurement is low, a temp probe held to the outside of the chip)

Both the 1006 BIOS shiped w/ my board and the 1008 I flashed, appear to have dissabled the cpu interface aggresive option. So let me know if you have a similar experience.

Also, I have dissabled the SATA with the jumper, I don't know if that makes a difference, but it is possible so I mention it.

Thanks in advance for replies!!!