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A7n8x timings, info please

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Dec 25, 2001
I REALLY want one of these, been waiting impatiently forever. Before I lay down the cash I want to know if it IS possible as rumored to clock the memory lower than the fsb. I've seen it posted as percentages (125% for 166 mem at 133 fsb, etc) I want like 75% for 150 mem at 200 fsb). I know you're all thinking why the hel would I want that? Simply put I'm not willing to lay out the cash for corsair xms right now. My two sticks of samsung will do 150 with aggresive timings. With the bandwidth doubling effect of the dual mem controllers, that theoretically yields the equivalent of 300 mhz, way more than the cpu needs at a meager 200mhz fsb :)
Anyways I want to try it out, will probably get some xms anyways, but would like to throw that at my kt3 which could use it. If this all tests out like I expect, I'd see it as a waste of money to buy xms for the nforce. Dual ddr400 would be totally bottle necked by the fsb.
Anyone willing to pop into their bios to check available settings would be appreciated.
i think you are wrong, you forget that the athlon has a ddr bus too, so the it is actualy running at 400 mhz if the fsb is set at 200. if your fsb is set to 200mhz then your bandwidth will be 3.2gbs if you have your memory will only have a bandwidth of 2.4gbs. that is if i am not mistaken.
actually snyper you are mistaken. the athalon has a ddr bus. at 200 mhz it uses 3.2 gb/s bandwidth. the nforce 2 has dual channel ddr whichat 200 mhz would have a theoretical bandwidth of 6.4 gb/s. this of course is only in theory and actual results have yet to be proven. but ottoasxels theory is correct and i believe the asus board does have that option to run mem lower than fsb. though I don't have one so I can't say for sure.
hehe, thanks for the input guys!
I may just have to bite the bullet and buy one and find out for myself, it'll just be a real bugger if I'm wrong.