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A7V Athlon 700

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New Member
Dec 30, 2000
I have not dared to do the 'pencil trick', and am an absolute virgin when it comes to overclocking, but when I overclock using the bios (1005a), the SDRAM speed increases as I increase the FSB speed.

I am sure that the reason why I can't increase to more than 107 Mhz FSB is that this also pushes the SDRAM up from 133MHZ and the faster speed of the SDRAM makes it all unstable.

Is there any way of increasing the speed of the CPU without increasing the speed of the SDRAM?

What to do?

By the way, I too had huge troubles making the A7V work in the first place. I am sure that there must be a batch which have dodgy socket connectors out there!
my suggestion--disregarding the memory problem theory you had (although it is quite possible the case) the "old" kt133 chipsets won't go much beyond about 110MHz or so.

I suggest that if you do want to overclock, bridge the L1 connectors with something (pencil, conductive inc., whatever)....
You should be able to get it to at least 850 using 1.85 volts provided, of course, that you have an adequate cooling solution