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A7V BIOS 1006

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Dec 17, 2000
I just flashed my A7V rv. 1.02 to the 1006 BIOS (from 1004D). Got a really nice jump in Sandra 2001 memory benchmark scores:

ALU 478
FPU 567

ALU 511
FPU 598

This is a Duron 600 o/c'ed to 904 (8x113). Memory set at FSB+33, CAS 3-3-3 (Sandra sees it as 150MHz). Not bad for a mixed bag of PC100 memory!

On a sidenote, my vcore is currently 1.55v. System is stable -- actually I had it at 1.50v but Prime95 gave an error after about 30 minutes.

It seems that for any speed up to about 900MHz I can under-volt, but after about 927MHz the vcore must be raised above the default 1.60v. Interesting.
What are you running that on sleddog? I have the same board and can't get by FSB above 104. What kind of cooling are you using?

Yes, How in the world did u get 113 mhz out of that board, I'm stuck at 103 with cooling, I got a heatsink with a 120mm fan blowing at it, the Heatsink on that clock generator is cool to the touch and still I can't get anymore then 103, I could get 105 but I get blue screen saying memory is being dumped. So what's ur secret?
Funny...I have the a7v bios 1006. I had a Duron 700 @ 978. I could not go over 103 fsb, same problem as you two....tons of errors, etc. I today got a Duron 800, it is running 1035.52Mhz on a 109fsb with a 9.5 multiplier. The generic 133 memory is now at 145.33Mhz.
I tried EVERY multiplier on my 700Duron to try and get above 103, no luck, or not stable.
I have run Q3 Torture test over and over, 3dmark 2000, Sisoft Sandra cpu burn in test, prime, etc on the 800 Duron.
Very, very interesting.......

Another side note......I was at 117fsb with the 800 as well, was not stable...more than likely my memory thou....
I don't know what's the secret, if any.

I've had it at 115 fsb, but had to up the voltage to 1.60 to be stable in Windows (NT4). Right now I'm at 8x111 @ 1.50v. Prime95 no errors after about 40 minutes.

Cooling is a PAL6038, 80mm fan sucking and venting through the side cover. At this low voltage CPU temp is low... right now its 37C (with Prime95 load) with room temp at 21C.

I suspect it's just the luck of the draw with the Duron. Or does the OS figure into it... you guys are using Win98, right?
just flashed this bios again. the first time i tried it wouldn't even let me overclock by 1mhz through bios, so i went back to my trusty 1003-modified.

but i was bored so i tried again. same story in bios.. can't even oc the fsb by 1mhz! but if i use the jumpers and dips then i can get my previous overclock. and my memory scores are way higher now. gained about 200 3dmark2k points and shortened my seti times slightly. worth the extra trouble imho.
Hey Proze, wadda benefits and were to get this modyfied 1003 bios. If u mdded it with wpcredit, give-me the values u tweaked!!!