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A7V: How to install 1005 bios file (now on desktop)

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New Member
Jan 1, 2001
I got the download from the Asus site. It is the latest bios, I believe. When unzipped, I found only a perculiar little file without a "read-me": 1005a.

Can you advise? I have no idea how to get it into the motherboard, "flashing" as I think it is called.
There should be a bios flash utility on the asus disk that came with the mobo. If you don't have the disk then go to the asus website under the downloads section there will be a downloadable flash utility.
Here's a guide on the asus site that explains it better than I ever could: http://www.asus.com/Products/Motherboard/flash.html . A word of warning though - I just tried flashing to this bios (from 1004d), and the new bios froze whenever i entered the 'boot' section of the bios, with all sorts of graphical glitches and stuff, and wouldn't make it into windows (thank god I saved the earlier bios to disk). As far as I know, the 1005 bios doesn't support in-bios multiplier adjustments - it was supposed to, but there was no option for me (not that the bios worked anyway). Maybe the 1005a is different though, as mine was just called 1005, so you might not have these problems. At any rate, from what I've heard all versions of the 1005 bios are pretty damn buggy :-( Wouldn't it be great to have software multiplier adjustments, just like Abit?
Many thanks Uptown and Rob. I will study up and perhaps have a go.
I also up{down}graded to the asus bios 1005a the mulitplier wasn't there and had constant problems booting. Went back to 1004c everything is back to normal. my board is the A7V.
monkoid (Jan 04, 2001 01:30 a.m.):
Well, I just chickened out.

Good stuff to know, thanks!

See the other thread on the 1005b bios - I just tried it, and it seems to work fine. Might be worth it, if only for the 1mhz fsb increments - just use the Asus Update utility on the A7v cd, much easier than flashing with the floppy (but I'd still create a disk with aflash.exe and the old bios on as described on the asus site, just in case). One thing - when I unzipped the file, it appeared as a .bin file - I had to deselect 'hide file extensions for known file types' in folder options, and rename it to a7v1005b.awd - then it worked like a charm ;-)