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A7V or A7V133?

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Dec 19, 2000
Woodbridge, VA
I am almost finished with my system.
Here is the layout so far:

IBM 30GB 7200 HDD
Duron650 L1 bridges factory unlocked
SBLive! X-Gamer 5.1
Voodoo3(until I can upgrade later)
128MB Mushkin PC133 CAS2 Rev3
17"NEC monitor
gen. floppy
44xCD-ROM(Upgrade to CD-RW later and DVD)
Alpha Pep66

OK, I am thinking about the Antec SX830 case.

No for the mobo..the A7V or the A7V133....what to go with?!?

Or should I try the KT7-R(I don't think the Pep will fit on the KT7)

Also, do I need to mod the Asus boards at all with a soldering iron with a fine tip, solder, and a resistor with 24 KOhm? I have no experience at all with that stuff.
This is where I was looking and saw the mods for the A7V..starting to worry me.

Please help.
The a7v-133 is definately the A7 family member you want, it has the 133 mhz clock generator and KT133A chipset, make sure it has dipswitches for the multiplier (im assuming it will). The resistor mod is only if you want to really mega overclock and run more than 1.9 volts to the chip. the PEP wont fit the KT7 or KT7A <if you do decide to get a KT7 anyways get the A, its the KT133A version>, however i think you can move the fan to a different location on it and make it work.