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A7V Settings for TBird 850

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I just did my first OC with limited success and I would appreciate any of your ideas.
My A7V is Rev. 1.02 with the 1004d BIOS. I have a locked TBird 850 (thought about OCing a little late) connected to an Alpha PAL6035 w/ 26 cfm fan and Ultra Silver paste. Also: 256MB Micron PC-133, DiamondMax 40 HDD, Prophet II MX, & Live Value Sound. I used a jumper setting of CPU-105 MHz/PCI-35MHz and left the voltage at the default 3.56V. My Windows Me would run fine, but the system frequently locked up on games (to a lesser extent at CPU-103/PCI-34.33). Can I OC with stability without trying to remove the CPU to unlock it? If I do unlock the 850, does it OC well? What difference can I expect? My CPU temp is usually about 49C. Is that OK? What number do you like to stay under? Thanks a lot (from this beginner) for any help.
With that combo, and if your tbird is fairly new (or maybe even if it isn't), you should stand quite a good chance of hitting the gig - certainly 950. If you unlock it that is... here's a couple of links - it's not hard to do, though it might take a few attempts: http://www.athlonoc.com/unlocking.htm http://www.cotty.btinternet.co.uk/unlock.htm
You won't get high ocing by the fsb - the A7V uses the KT133 chipset, which doesn't like fsb speeds much in excess of 110MHz, whatever bios settings they may give you. You'll have to oc with the multiplier, so unlock that chip!
49C is a bit hot for default voltage and speed - I'd try to stay under 50C all the time; although 60C is 'safe', I wouldn't like it. As soon as you start raising the voltage your temps are going to rise, probably getting to the high 50's. Better case cooling will solve your problem - a large fan sucking cool air in at the bottom and one drawing air out at the top will do wonders for your temps. Just switching all my case fans off with my PAL6035 (watercooled now :) ) caused my temps to rocket from about 44C to 59C before the comp crashed! Don't underestimate the power of good case cooling...
get at least two case fan's. one at the front sucking in and one under the psu blowing out. should give you the temps you like. remember: hot air goes up!

just saw Rob already said this, sorry tread was too long so i didn't read it before.