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A7V Voltage for my TB900. I'm Confused.

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Feb 2, 2001
Delray Beach FL
Is voltage like temperature, each program has it a bit different? I have the jumpers on my A7V set for 1.80 volts but Motherboard Monitor shows it as 1.89. That's a pretty big difference since I thought I.85 was as high as the board goes without a voltage mod.
Same issue with my TBird 1000 at my MSI K7T Turbo. I can adjust the voltage in the BIOS at random settings, MBM indicates 1.89 V. Don't now the cause for this. Seems that the L7 bridges setting (voltage id for processor) do overrule the BIOS setting for this. Hope somebody can give an explenation for this phenomena.
It's the voltage detection device. Consider that .09V is only 5% of 1.8V. Many digital multimeters only do that well as a matter of design. My system says 1.85 when I call for 1.80 in my bios. Don't worry about it. If you can figure out where to gain access to the core voltage, check it with a high accuracy multimeter and see which is wrong. The bios or the metering IC.

Of course, but I didn't feel like rigging up a couple of tickler wires to reach them, either via socket holes or soldering them on the bottom. Unfortunately, mainboard manufacturers don't supply you with schematics and concise circuit layout pics.