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A7V with 1 Gig Tbird

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New Member
Dec 28, 2000
I have a rev 1.02 mobo using 1005a bios, via 4.25a etc - i.e. current versions.

I want to overclock the machince to say 1150 using jumperless settings if possible (if i set it wrong, PC stops & tells your - do the same with a dipswitch and maybe kiss PC goodbye).

That being the case I presume I alter the multiplyer to 11.5. Except I can't find it in the bios settings :(

Should I indrease the voltage upon discovery of the multiplyer?

Cheers for the help.
Im with Azz, If you upgraded to 1005a and didnt get it with the board <IE a rev 1.04 board> the bios cant change multipliers, plus they dont change until the bios loads, so if your chip needs 1.85 volts to post it wont post at as high a speed as it might if you set the voltage on the jumpers because then it WILL be 1.85 when you hit the power button, not after the BIOS makes the change.
DUH, reading is a good thing you obviously dont have a rev 1.04 cuz you said so, hehe, if you have a 1.02 board then you wont get the BIOS multiplier choices, apparently in the final BIOS they set it up so only 1.04 boards got that choice <1.02 boards arent set up to support BIOS multiplier changes>
Leave everything set to jumperfree mode, apart from the multiplier switches - set these to whatever multiplier you want. You should be able to change everything else - fsb, voltage - in bios then. Just try for 10.5 first, then take it slowly, and only increase the voltage when you have to. Oh, and watch those temps.