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A7V won't boot?

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Jul 4, 2001
Lansing, MI
I have a Asus A7V, and I went to boot up my new 1.33GHz T-bird...know that works. Turn on and everything seems to boot fine, but no video. I tried both agp and pci video. Have dips set to bios. Any ideas what may be wrong.
The A7V is one of the first generation socket A motherboards which utilize the original KT133 chipset. These motherboards with this chipset generally will not run a FSB much beyond the 107/110MHz range. This was addressed with the introduction of the improved KT133A chipset which have been reported to run at 150MHz and beyond.

The 1.33MHz CPU runs on a 133MHz FSB by default (10*133), which your motherboard will not support.

You could try to alter the bridges by cutting/joining the appropriate bridges to achieve whichever setting you would like.

Check out this link for an interactive guide to which bridges need to be joined or cut;


If you were to alter the bridges on the CPU to run on that motherboard, you would lose the advantage of the increased FSB.

You could try to get a hold of a 100MHz FSB CPU "B" code, but you would still sacrifice performance with the lower FSB.

A new motherboard may be in order.

I hope this helps.

Good Luck!

Refer to the image below to learn how to decipher the core codes including the default FSB;
Tried with a duron 750, and it still won't boot. Any ideas. Mobo is getting power. Only running ram, video, and processor. Trying just to get a picture. The chipset is the VIA VT8363(KT133)+VIA VT82c686A
xl said:
now you have an FSB jumper I believe. make sure it is at 100. this was a problem i had with a KT133 mobo.
If a7v fails to boot into windows it reverts back to default fsb fo 100mhz. you could try using pci card in a different slot. there is an option in bois for primary video card pci or agp. try to clear cmos.