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No, but "Asus Probe" adjusts the reading by ~7C. It's too slow updating and to far away from the CPU die.

If paranoid connect a probe to JTPWR instead of trusting the onboard.
ElectricMan (Dec 17, 2000 09:50 p.m.):
Is the built in cpu temp sensor on the asus a7v rev. 1.02 MB accurate ? some feedback please?

Well, that depends what you mean by accurate. The thermal probe on the back is much more accurate than say, sticking your finger on the heatsink, or trying to divine the heat of your processor telepathically. Of course, since it is not actually touching the CPU or even the CPU core, it is probably not an accurate reading of the core temperature. What it does do, is give you SOME idea of how hot your CPU happens to be running. If you go by it, you'll probably do fine. If you really want accuracy, attach a thermal diode and use that instead.