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A7V133 - Limited Multipliers?

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Feb 7, 2001
Hope someone can advise me.....

I have a A7V133 rev 1.04 (bios avu102a1) with a 1ghz T'Bird which I have unlocked.
Now I was hoping that this would give me a good range of clock multipliers to use. However I'm only able to use x9.0, x9.5, x10 and x10.5. If I try to use a different multiplier (from bios) the motherboard locks up and I have to clear the CMOS to get it to boot again? However the CPU is quite capable of reaching a stable 1.2Ghz which I have achieved by raising the FSB, but why can't I change my multiplier.?
It's really annoying, as I'd like to be able to both raise and lower the multiplier which would give me a lot more flexibility.

Any help would be appreciated

If you used a pencil to unlock it then erase them and try again. I've found the best kind to use is the default mechanical pencil graphite for some reason. Sometimes it just doesn't completely unlock the forst time. When i first unlocked my 800 I could only choose 8x or 8.5x, so I retried it and now I have 1.1Ghz stable.

If you have done 1.2 anyways than you should first lower the multiplier and get it as fast an FSB as you can then raise the multiplier as high as you can... but I would agree that it is probably a bad unlock job, as I would only use conductive pen when doing a permanent job as pencil can often have problems
Yeah first time round was a bad unlock job.
Re-did last night with a softer lead pencil and now have all the multipliers available.
I can now crank the mother up to x12 or drop it down to x7 (or lower).
One cool benefit about under-clocking (as most of the time I don't need anywhere near a 1.2Ghz, execpt when gaming)is that I can drop the multiplier to say x7 and drop the core-voltage, and this makes the CPU runs as cool as cucumber!

PS One other thing, anyone know of an online UK outlet for this artic silver thermal compound that everyone raves about?