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A7V333 Overclocking !! There Has To Be A WAY !!

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Dec 25, 2003
Ok i have a Asus A7V333 revision 1.1 board. I am using a AMD XP2100+ cpu (266 fsb). I have two 512mb samsung pc2700(333mhz) modules. standard cooling.
How can i gain a substantial performance increase?
i would like to make the cpu and ram hit 333mhz if possible. But unfortunelty i have read so many forums that go against what each other says. So this is where you come in.
Do i just unlock cpu and everything is pretty much solved ? or will it be to unstable having the cpu running at 333fsb ?
Thanks for your help !! Im pretty computer savy i thought until it came to this task.. HELP ME EXPAND MY HORIZONS !!


Senior Member
May 10, 2002
Los Alamos, NM

I would suggest you have a look at the "Motherboard, Memory, & CPU Overclocking Guide" sticky in this forum. The sticky has a section on overclocking KT333 boards which should work as long as the Asus bios have typical settings (having not used an Asus before I'm not sure).

After you've had a look at the sticky you can PM me or continue the discussion in this thread if you have questions.

Good luck! :cool:

BTW, Welcome to the Forums!!


I have that board, its a bit crappy, with the latest bios patches (18 i think) you can get the 333 option in the bios, i got my 1700 thoroughbred B to 2GHz clock (166x12), don't however try to push the fsb any higher than 333, as it can cause data corruption.

If your memory can take it drop the timings to 2-2-2-5-1T for better performance, but in any case you better have good cooling as asus boards can get very hot when overclocking.

Hope this helps :)



Jun 26, 2003

yeah, its perfectly safe to run the cpu at 333 ddr mhz fsb (166 mhz actual setting)

just read the amd cpu OCing sticky in the amd cpu section and ull see where to go

the 2100 is very good for ocing if u have the right stepping, plz post the little numbers and letters on the black sticker on ur chip so we can help u out better, also post ur other system specs like psu (power supply unit), hsf (heatsink-fan) if u have good enough coolng, u should be able to run it at 166 fsb and keep the fsb/memory ratio at 1:1 when the cpu fsb is at 166 so ur cpu and mem are both at 166


Feb 18, 2002
San Antonio, TX
i have an a7v333 1.01 w/ a 512 stick of samsung 2700 and a 512 of crucial 2700, Tbred 1700+ @ 2068/187 fsb and watercooling, so you can take your fsb past 166 without a worry as long as you have sufficient cooling... (i had a 2100XP before the tbred's came out and i could barely squeeze 2 GHz out of it, so i dropped the 40 bucks on a new CPU and started humming)