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A7V8x Problem

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Aug 17, 2001
Ok im a little confused as something has gone sour that was not there before. When I first received this board I could clock my Airga stepping XP2200 to 2.133 and run there playing or doing everything I do on my pc like online gameing ect... Now it seems my clock has been falling. What happens is out of no where the system almost has a short circuit sound ya now powwww zitttttt and bam reboot. Its instant when it happens. This has started the last week and keeping my clock from going up. My vcore is 1.97 my 5v goes from 4.94 to - 4.98 on avg there is a fluctiation. Temps are under load now according to asus probe under full load from 37-40 c. max. Im lost as what has happened. This is recurring now at 2.04 overclock also even backing the clock down!
That does not sound good. Some component of the system is unhappy with what you've been doing. I'd have that cover off and be nosing around in there trying to pinpoint the source of the sound. There's the possibility that a piece of conductive contaminant has blown into the case and periodically gets nudged by the airflow up against a circuit. That is easily addressed by a good compressed air bath. I do that once a month as a matter of preventive maintenance since I do not believe in fan filters.