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Labotomy Jack

Mar 10, 2003
Chelmsford, MA
I'm pretty sure my MSI GeForce4Ti4200 64MB died. I was playing half life yesterday and my game started lagging. I eventually quit 'cause it was real annoying and tried playing Age of Mythologies thinknig it was probably just my connection. Unfortuantely Age of Mythologies froze up while loading, the screen went all distorted and I had turn the power off to reboot. This happened two more time then after that my system started up but no signal was going to my monitor, and whats worse the external temperature sensor connected to my vid card indicated that the temp was contuing to drop back down to room temp even though the computer was on -- which is the main reason I think its the vid card.

I wasn't overclocking anything and the temp sensor (mounted on the gpu heatsink under the fan) showed about 105ºF (about 5º more than usual -- I had recently installed a tv capture card in the pci slot below the agp slot...)

There is nothing visually wrong with the card, which I've had for abot 4 or 5 months. I had overclocked it in the past but nothing recently.

Well, I was planning on upgrading to a 9700 or 9800 pro soon anyways -- of course I really wanted to throw the 4200 in a new rig I was gonna build...

(btw specs are 2100+, A7N8X dx, 2x256MB Crucial PC2100, Antec AMG1080PLUS case with 430W PSU, ...)

God I hate mondays :-/