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Abit IC7 or IS7-E

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Dec 6, 2003
Baltimore, MD
from what ive heard they both are exceptional mobo's but i cannot decide between the two. i am going to OC:D with it and would like to know which is "better". when is ay better i dont mean it literally i mean which holds up the best under OC conditions and its better for the money. i do not need RAID and firewire and that is why im turning towards the IS7-E also because i can get one for $87.00 especially after hearing they r good. any help is appreciated thanks


Jul 14, 2002
Aliso Viejo, California
People are having better results with the new AI7 motherboard with the nGuru on it. They say it has better voltage regulation, especially the 12volt line.

The IS7-E is not a bad option. I spoke with you in the other thread. I have the IS7 regular with the onboard lan and firewire, which only cost me the price you are paying for.

I picked mine up at a comptuer fair. They had overstock of Abit IS7 at the time.

Now in the other thread you said your memory would not allow you to overclock, my advice, save your money for that better quality memory, and perhaps a more overclockable CPU compared to that 2.53ghz B chip you have. Some people get good results if it is a C1 stepping 2.53ghz chip who knows.

Save your money, stick it out with your existing memory from your Dell machines FIC VG board or something like that you have mentioned.

Also getting the regular IS7 is not a bad option, a few bux more you can have firewire and raid without having to buy an addin card which costs more money and space later on. I use a firewire hard drive to keep music and files on... a little quicker than my USB 2.0 drive. I also use my digital cam corder to interface with firewire. You will never know that you need it.

Get the IS7 regular over the IS7 E, plus you have onboard lan, that saves you from getting a network card, firewire card and a cheapy serial ATA card.

Just for 5 to 7 dollars more. A deal I say.


The Mad Smelter
Aug 26, 2003
Maryland, USA
Glad to hear the Ai7 is doing well for OCers. :)

Built one for a friend a few weeks back.
I tried to get him to get something over pc3200 RAM
but he insisted he didn't want to OC. Now that he's
seen how easy it is with the uGuru he wishes he'd have heeded my warning. The OC lure is irresistable!

One thing though, I've heard pc3700 isn't compatible with the
Ai7... is this true?

ThanX! :)