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ABIT IP35-E BIOS 16 out today

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Feb 20, 2002
Phoenix AZ
I was scanning the abit FTP site and found that they posted BIOS 16 today.



I have not tried it yet. Got to do the 4 letter word...WORK

From the text file:

BIOS release V16 for IP35, IP35-E

Release information:


1. Update CPU Micro code.
2. BIOS compiled date: 02/29/2008.


1. §ó·sCPU·L½X¡C
2. BIOS µo§G¤é´Á: 02/29/2008.

********************************* NOTE *********************************
1. How to upgrade BIOS:

a. Create a MS-DOS startup disk.
b. Extract all files in the operation system.
c. Copy the files to startup disk.
d. Boot into MS-DOS.
e. Run "runme.bat"

*** Please notice that we suggest you flashing the bios with switches

"/py /sn /cd /cp /cc /cks /R" or by "runme.bat".

2. For more detail, please visit:


3. After BIOS updated, pull off the power cord and then clear the CMOS data
via jumper before restarting system please.
Got me thinking, so I went to Gigabyte's website and lo-and-behold they have version F8b out for the DS3L. They have a release date of 1/8/2008 on it, but I know they hadn't released it to the public on that date (I just flashed my BIOS to F8a about two weeks ago).

*Edit* Realized that it's due to the fact that I went to the US site. The Taiwan site has it and the US site still doesn't.
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keeping all factors in mind BIOS 12 is still the best i guess. Even with BIOS 16 Beta we see FSB resets!
I just updated my board to BIOS 16, but I had to use the latest version of awdflash because for some reason the one that came in the zip is really old and didn't work.
So then what ghost said doesn't make sense to me.......ugh nvm, my bios works fine, i'm not updating it.

*Edit* The bios that was already on the board