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ABIT IP35 Pro or Asus P5K Deluxe w/E8500 - Likely going to use 4GB OCZ Reaper 8500

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Feb 27, 2008
ABIT IP35 Pro or Asus P5K Deluxe w/E8500 - Likely going to use 4GB OCZ Reaper 8500

I like both boards and I've never tried an Asus board yet and would use the wireless it provides and am curious what the deal is with the possible DDR2 1400 stuff is all about using the memspeed bios features. On the other hand I'm wondering if I'd be able to run this ram on the IP35 Pro and get the same speeds out of it. I will be putting the Intel e8500 under my Vapochill LS and intend to clock the CPU into the 5.0 Ghz + range, is this the right memory to do it? I'm thinking it is since its does 533Mhz (1066 DDR) * 9.5 multi for 5.063.

I'm buying one of these two boards unless you can convince me that >400$ ram is the only way which I disagree already, so what ram and what motherboard within reason. I will be using it with (1) Palit G92 1GB 8800GTS. No Sli, 1 card is expensive enough and 9800GX2 is a tweener board and is the same reason I'm not so crazy about the motherboards that support both DDR2 and 3.

I intend to dual boot XP Pro and Vista Ult 32bit and game obviously...

ABIT OR ASUS - FYI: My last board was/is Abit IC7 Max 2 w/ 3.4 prescott at 4.51 operable 4.26 stable.
Memory question

On the IP35 Pro, will I be able to run at that fsb or will I tap out at a lower speed? Other question is about a divider; will I be running a divider so the ram is clocking higher than the bus or am I confused about how the new(er) ddr 2 ram and cpu fsb jive? elaborate, draw pictures if necessary. :)

I just found out that I paid 75$ more yesterday that I could have gotten the proc for today :bang head; I'm about to go :beer: cuz that sux.
On p35 and x38 chipest boards the lowest ratio is 1:1, other multipliers are available if memory can handle it.

You can find some reviews of abit ip35 and see what the max fsb did they achieve.
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