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Abit IT7 and Ti4200, Incompatible?

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Oct 25, 2002
Well, I can't seem to figure out what the problem is. I've tried 2 different Albatron Ti4200P Turbo's and had weird issues with them. Internet Explorer would just shut itself down, games would CTD and then I'd get a BSOD stating IRQL Less than or equal and saying that there was a problem with my display adapter. I tried 3 different bios', every driver, and still not working. It doesn't matter if the system is at default or if it's overclocked.

I put a GF4 MX420 in and it'll run with the system at it's max without a problem. I also tried an ATI Radeon 9000 Pro and it works perfect too.

I've had a few people say it's my PSU, and I have 430w P4 Certified PSU. So I figure it's an incompatibility issue between the Ti4200 and the motherboard.

Here's the specs:

P4 1.6a @ 2.73 (170fsb)
Abit IT7 w/ C6 modded bios
256mb GeIL PC3200 DDR400 Ultra
Albatron Ti4200P Turbo 128mb
and other stuff, but that's the main stuff.

Any suggestions and/or thoughts?
Actually, it might indeed be your PSU. Your videocard draws lots of power, which might make your votages drop enough to cause instability, resulting in the effects you see.

The fact that your PSU says its 430 Watt doesn't mean it really is. Lots of PSU's maximum loads are actually less than they state. Here goes, a lot of people hate tomshardware over here. You have to be critical towards the things they do and write. That said, check this article: http://www6.tomshardware.com/howto/02q4/021021/index.html

The fact that it is certified does't tell you that much. Just that it means minimum specs to let the P4 operate, and has an extra power connector

What brand is the PSU?
Didn't know that one. However, I did some looking around, and it doesn't seem it is, well, very good....

So the PSU more and more seems to be the culprit. Could you use Mother Board Monitor to see what kind of voltages you have?
Well, I checked the voltages with Winbond and I went ahead and ordered a Sparkle 350w which seems to be a great psu.

But here's the voltages just for giggles:

+5v = 4.87
+12v = 11.56
+3.3v = 3.12

Not to mention that none of the voltages will stay steady for over 2 seconds, always bouncing around.

If your PSU are starting to loose it or if there is just to little power in it this will happen (low rails on the voltages)
I doubt he'll correct the problem with a 350 sparkle, for sure....... Psu's under 400w are simply limited in available amps to the rails. My box is using about 300-330w, VERY borderline with a pcpowerandcooling Turbo Cool 425w imho, and that's no slouch.
You plan to upgrade ? Think about a 450+ to get the most out of it.

BTW, the error(s) you are receiving "I'd get a BSOD stating IRQ Less than or equal and saying that there was a problem with my display adapter" are driver related. A driver somewhere (vcard, monitor, AGP, system, sound,etc.) is not getting along with the vcard drivers, and/or could be a previous drivers residoo (most likely). If you can't correct the problem, tell it to 'hold still'.... "Shoot it, and Format/Re-install".
That'll end your pain.
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how about install xp sp1?i used to have BSOD but since i updated to sp1, no more BSOD
already have sp1 installed, and have formatted and reinstalled like 5 times.

I agree with you ...getting a 350W PSU will not be a good "upgrade" Sparkre is a good PSU but the Amps are just to low.

I know a 550W PSU is a lot of money for not gaining no preformens or nothing. It will give you a more stabil system only :d

So get a 450W or more...... my friend just bought a chepo 450W PSU will post the brand and results ones he gets it installed if you want ....
Well, if you've formatted 5 times and are absolutely sure it's perfect.........
Break down and get the best psu you can. Compare them all and get highest amps to the rails under the tightest regulation you can afford. Best being 1%, 3%(Good), 5% (ugly).

http://www.pcnineoneone.com/howto/electricity1.html This read can be used as a quide in understanding what's going on, but the power usage table is dated and inaccurate I believe. I've lost most of my better links, sorry...........
Maybe too much overclocking is bad....

I have this similar problem after installing a brand new GF4-Ti4200 video card. My experience is almost the same, including formatting and reinstalling the OS and WHQL drivers.

Before I own GF4-Ti4200, I use GF4 MX420 64MB SDRAM video card and it works flawlessly up to 146FSB without any crash at all, even when playing games. I am so happy with this OC experience since my trusty MX420 is oveclocking very good too: 300/570 on default voltage.

After I installed GF4 Ti4200, the situation is different completely. The system is not stable anymore in games. I can complete 3DMark2001 for 1 hours, but it will crash within 10 to 30 minutes in games. Sometimes the problems goes even worser like BSOD.

I also agree that you may have power supply problems by looking your Voltage report. Unfortunately your ABIT IT7 doesn't have AGP Voltage Options to balance up the power draws from Ti4200.

So, some people in this forums suggest me to downclock the FSB, and currently I am running at 135FSB and it's okay 100% stable. What do you think?
asw7576, how are your voltages? If they are also off, I'd definatly recommend getting a better PSU over downclocking (although that works as a temporary measure until you get a better PSU)
Wassamater fo you?

Either bump up you Vcore on the CPU or downclock the CPU. Its not the PSU, i have an ANTEC 400, i was getting the exact same errors on my Radeon 8500. Bumped the voltage on the CPU up a bit and now everything is fine and dandy :cool:.

To test, unplug your DVD and CD drive, USB mouse with the stupid red light, yes they draw around 100mA of power, unplug anything that is not necessary to stablizie the PSU and you will still get those messages.

You did lock the AGP/PCI right? Hehehe, cause if you didn't then i wrote all of this for nothing.

Goo Luck, and let us know your results.
Lucky guy

I'm still getting those exact blue screens about the IRQ blah.....blah.....blah........

I'm glad he got his system up and running, means an extra user to fold......?