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Abit Ka-7 Problems

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Jan 16, 2001
Hey guys i need a hand with this one
I have a
Abit KA-7 100 Raid
K7 700(slot a)
Prophet G-Force 2 MX
128 mb generic ram (pc133)
sound blaster live

This machine is completely unstable even while not overclocked. I have gone to the Via website and gotten the new 4in1 service pack with the agp and usb upgrades
i have tried about all of the detonator driver from 5.13 to 7.17
I have tried pumping up the voltage by 1/2 volt and by 1 volt just to see if that could help. still nothing
i have changed the motherboard for a new one and tested the video card in another machine it worked fine....I have yet to flash the bios cause i should be able to get it at least stable with this oneSo now i am out of ideas
Oh ya this is a clean install of window
I don't know if this is your problem, but I just had a KA7 crap out because I was using a VOS32 fan/hs and suddenly the CPU would not seat properly in the mobo. I believe that the weight of the VOS32 put too much stress on the slot, and it will no longer maintain a good contact. I know it is the board, because the CPU works fine in two other boards I have gotten. If you are using a stock fan/hs that comes with the Athlon, they are quite heavy, too, though not as bad as the GlobalWin. Just something to consider.
Ya I know it's a slot board I wrote that in the initial post. But thank you
What psu do you have? Doesn't sound like a particularly power hungry system, but if it's less than 250W or you have a number of hard drives / cd drives (like 3 or more) it could be the problem.
I just changed the power supply to a 300w (high Quality)