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Mar 20, 2001
Does anyone know where i can find a thermostat for an Abit KA7 mobo, it goes from the cpu to a header on the board. Right now i'm running with no thermo monitoring :(. NOT GOOD. And tes i have already checked the Abit site
I got AbitKT7-R (almost the same board) and it has two thermo sensors, VIA hardvare monitor came with the mobo on the drivers cd and posts both board and cpu temps. I think you should check your cd for VIA HVM.
I do have the VIA hardware, but it does no good without the thermal sensor which is what I'm looking for. I register 0 degrees both in my BIOS and VIA hardware monitor, but Sandra and Hardware sensors monitor PRO register 77-81 fluctuating between. How accurate are these readings? Seems a little low!! I think I need the sensor for my board.

have to solder you own wires tho... I have one on my asus Classic board
I've been to my local Radio Shack already and they didnt have one , but i do know a local electronics shop. Thanks for letting me know that such a thing is easily found :)
Radio Shack Carries them but they are just the thermistor --looks like a little blue Capacitor same as the one under the CPU on KT7A You have to solder on wires to plug it in.....Can't Find my Spare to get the Radio Shack numbers from sorry