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Abit kr7a- No Display

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Mar 25, 2002
Herrin, IL
i recently recieved my rma replcament (gainward geforce 3 ti200) and installed it. the first time it booted up right but then after i shut down and restarted there was no display on the monitor. i reset the cmos and rebooted. it worked but it wouldnt when i restarted again. there is no beeps coming from the board at all and all the fans start but there is no display. i think either my agp slot or my memory slots are shorted out ro damaged. can anybody give me any suggestions?
by the way i am using crucial ddr ram. all this happened after i tried to take my thermal take ram sinks off by freezing my stick in an anti-static bag. it stil wouldnt come off so i said to heck with it and put it back in
btw i did try my video card in my friends system...... worked fine. tried my ram in my friends system and worked fine. ill try reseating. the mobo power cable is stuck and i cant get it out do you know any ease way to get it otu?
I think that you'll find the KR7a has some issues, at least I do when I clock things too high, play around with the settings, and find a point where it will boot up everytime. You did not mention what you had things clocked @ with the DDR333, If you have it set for 166FSB, that's your Prob... lower multiplier, raise FSB until you have a feel for the limit of your comnbinations. Then raise the voltages if you have done the volt mods, else stick with the highest voltages the board will support.

The error you're having is not video related, its your memory timings and/or PSU issue. Check you 5v rail. raise voltages if possible. Best, Bill
ive got an antec power supply and i havent played around with the ddr voltage im not overclocking.... YET!
What wattage is your Antec PSU? The 400w ones have an adjustable potentiometer inside.

Paulc87, I have that problem too, and I think it has something to do with either power on the 5v rail being low... when you cold boot, it takes the most power, when rebooting it's not as much an issue... Try lowering your FSB in the bios, you probably can clock it higher, but that bootup issue still plagues me to this day. Sometimes I have to clear the CMOS and reset the bios if it's clocked too high... Runs fine in windows, stable, but another guess as to the cause, is the 4 memory slots on the KR7a... only 2 otherboards I think even have the 4 slots, because the timing becomes ever more difficult with 4 slots, even when you're only using 1 or 2. My thoughts are that sometimes the memory syncs up, and sometimes it doesn't. I think its safe to say that you don't have any actual hardware damage, but you're just starting to notice the quirks of this board.
I fried mine... possibly, yet to be determined, can't decide whether I'll get another of the same kind... Maybe a KT333, but I'm not sure about how other people are/aren't overclocking the new boards... Best, Bill

I had the same problem with my kt7a. I'd put the agp card in and it would boot once. But after a cold boot it was dead! I'd have to take out the card and unplug the machine.

I flashed to a more recent bios and all is well now. I haven't seen the issue since.
I know whats wrong. I had the same trouble.
When you let it sit it will let you boot again. It gives you a CMOS checksum error. What you do is go into bios and goto the softmenu III. Make SURE that you set it to the chip that you have. For Example, Default it set mine to an Athlon 1500 when I have a 1800, So its giving the chip low voltage. So just set it to whatever chip you have and it will boot up no problems. :beer: I almost took mine back with a sawed off shotgun to get my money back. J/k :beer:
thank you guys a lot for your replies..... the thing is i dont think it can be the power supply because it booted fine until i got an rma replacment for my video card (same exact card) and now it doesnt at all even when i reset the cmos.... btw, im not overclocking at all
try unplugging your computer, reset the Cmos, if it's on some sort of surge protector, try without it (mine had issues with my battery backup/line regulator once). I had problems with my video card when I had it clocked to high, but then once temps came back to normal it worked fine. unplug everything, and replug it... try with just your ram and chip... then just chip, try one thing at a time, make sure they all work before proceeding... I had some condensation land in my AGP port, and using some rubbing alcohol and a toothbrush worked wonders. That's all I can think of, GL, Bill
alright i think that may be it if you get condensation in your ram slot can you do the same thing?
sure, but how would you get condensation in your ram slot? I had a refrigeration system cooling my waterblocks down to -15*C... which got condensation on them...
-15c? dang............ anyway i actually dont think i did but none of the slots work im about to rma it once it gets authorized
Exactly same problem here....
once after cleaning.... computer stoped... so I did reset.... then.... nothing come out on screen so I did CMOS reset.... I got CMOS screen 2-3 times from time to time.... but it seems like couldn't figure out what my CPU is.... then It doesn't give me CMOS screen anymore... nothing on screen but fans are running fine...

I tried every thing I could do... buy new power supply, buy new CPU,.... ect.

My graphic card is ok and my memory is fine on another com....

I even bougt new KT7a mobo it wasn't working....

I will give up my royalty to abit....

and will buy asus board.... :(
this only happens to me when i try to change my multiplier after i installed a new bios of 9n

now it doesnt do anything and i have to reset cmos to get into bios again

im thinking its my bios and as soon as i get a floppy drive to use im going to reinstall my old bios of 6n to see if will fix it