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Abit KT7 133A Raid Incompatibilites (my tragic story)

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Bobby Manus

Dec 17, 2000
Southern California
I spent a load of cash, around $900, and was shoting for the awsome gaming machine. Here is what I got...

Abit KT7 133A Raid
T-Bird 950
Deskstar 75GXP 30gb
Sound Blaster Live! Value
ATI Radeon 32mb DDR
1 256mb SDRAM 133mhz
10/100 Ethernet
Maxtor Floppy
Creative 52x CD-ROM
300w psu
I don't think I am leaving anything out...as for cooling, not a problem considering i never even got to overclock. had the pal6035 and 3 case fans.

Ok now for the problems, and yes definitely plural... The motherboard was bad from the beginning, wouldn't even give me a screen. I decided to take it in to the comp shop and I watched them work away for about 3 hours and they got me a screen. I did a lil victory dance and went home, started getting this baby good to go. Windows was a major POS to install (win 98 second edition). I get windows going on it, am I in the free? The worst of my problems is soon to come. First was the sound card, I am on windows, everything is cooooool. Ok lets get this sound card installed I paid my 40$ I want to blow the roof off. Installed the drivers, rebooted, and after about 20 secs of being on windows, a loud, single beep tells me something is wrong. I try re-installing the drivers, twice. Something isn't right...Ok lets reformat and start over. Windows installs fine, but I got the same prob with the sound card again. I've heard stories of SB Lives having probs with high end machines, so I decided to just pop in the SB 128 bit. I reformatted, installed the SB 128, and no sound card probs. I figured the problems would start going away now, not at all. What's that? It doesn't recognize my Ethernet card??? It turns out 2 out of my 6 PCI slots wont work at all and a third is budged to hell with IRQ errors, (I belive it is something about interrupt query). Im like ok, that still leaves me with 3 pci and an agp, np man np. Swap the ethernet in a working pci, got my Radeon in the agp, im good to go. I didnt touch the SB during this whole operation becuase that took me long enough to get working already. So i got the cards in my working slots, reformat 1 more time just to be bug free. This is not at all the case, all the cards install fine, everything is good to go? Lets install halflife...I get constant lock ups, and even what it does do it isnt doing it at 950mhz. I finally decided return the mobo and processor, and I am going pentium. Im puting the radeon on my celeron and the 256mb ram on my p3 450. Im going to get a shuttle board, and not have any incompatibility probs becuase the computer store i went to will give me a listing of parts that work. Well hoped you liked my pc building horror story, I am losing about 40$ returning the parts, but to be honest thats lot lower then what i expected.
Sorry to here that story !
I also have the abit KT7A,and have not a single problem,Matter of fact I took my 30 gig drive from the old system and all its cards and slapped them into the new abit board,booted straight to WinME,Installed the via drivers and presto I am solid as a rock.Today my 1.2 /266fsb chip arrives via FEDEX !!And I hope I have no problems.Again sorry to here that story good luck on the next mother board.
I have a KT7a too. no problems whatsoever. I would have just replaced the mainboard. switching to Intel sounds a bit drastic.
I agree to go to an Intell is not drastic but foolish.

I got my 1.2 today and am at 1.4 thats 133fsb and 10.5,all stable as a rock and I cant be happier.I truely wish the dude with the trouble would just get a new motherboard,I am sure the problems would go away.And besides if so called computer techs cant get it to work the M/B must be defective,It happens
Sorry about all the trouble you had.I use to be an Intel man only,This system I have now is the first one I put togeather myself and I wouldn't ever go back to Intel now.I'v got the KT7A-Raid and its the best board I'v ever seen as far as stablity and compatability.try another board and see how it goes.

T-bird 1000@1300 137x9.5 (so far) 1.80 v
256 megs Kingmax
G2 gts 32 megs
Sorry man..
I have this KT7A-Raid and its the best board I'v ever tested . Very nice for OC ing and stability. One problem was a defect IDE cable ,thats all.