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Abit KT7 - Asus A7V Which is better for overclocking?

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Feb 4, 2001
I am interested to overclock my Duron 700. I want to have high fsb, because i have got a great system. Which s better Abit KT7 or Asus A7V???
The Abit KT7 and the Asus A7v are both KT133 boards, so you won't be able to run the fsb much above 110 with them. If you're thinking of upgrading (I seem to remember you have the KT7 from your earlier posts), get a KT133a board like the Abit KT7a (with or without RAID) or the Iwill KK266. I'd probably go with the Iwill as it seems to perform marginally better then the Abit, but either one would be a great board.

To actually answer your question - there's not really anything to choose between the A7V and KT7. They're both very stable, and both have pros and cons. But I think it's probably not worth worrying about, as if you're going to buy a new board now it really has to be a KT133a board :)