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abit kt7 or asus a7v133?

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New Member
Apr 5, 2001
I've been researching mobo's for a well deserved upgrade, and can't decide between these 2 boards. What are the pros/cons of each?
or, should i just skip the SDRAM boards and go ahead and get a DDR SDRAM mobo (asus a7m266 or what?)
any advice here would be appreciated....
I am using tha KT7A-raid and love it. Simply as apple pie. It uses SDRAM but I can get almost the same mem bandwidth with it as you can with DDR and less expensive. And i haven't even pushed the FSB past 140 yet!! Get it you will love the simplicity of it. That is if you don't want to use jumpers to set you multiplier and core voltage ect... Tha A7v133 can use both dip switches and bios, but as well as the abit is working for me it is just simpler. And go with the KT7A-Raid version. For $20-$30 more you get a whole lot more speed running the Raid 0 array with your HDD's. Such a huge difference i couldn't beleive it. Just awsome. Just my two cents.

love it

fast and stable

i got a screen shot of my memery scores @ 160 FSB CAS2 Turbo (using mushkin Rev.3 ram)and it was 100% stable running Seti@home @ Prime95 for 2 hours