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Abit KT7-RAID in AOpen HX08 fulltower

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Nice Person

New Member
Dec 20, 2000
Won't fit properly!

I put in the 8 studs that correspond to the holes on the board and they line up but about 0.5 cm out on the top left one and the others except a couple aren't quite right.. I can get it almost perfect by pulling the side of the mobo tray (back) to the left and then pushing the mobo.. but I think it requires to much force to do so and I can't get the screw in even when I do that.. and also when I first looked at the mobo tray it twists a little like a very slightly bent peice of tin or something, making it uneven.. what the hell do I do? this is the first time I ever build a comp from scratch and the first time I mounted a mobo. what SHOULD happen?
They ought to line up - I'm sure hole positioning is part of the ATX standard. My case didn't come with enough standoffs to use all the holes in the mobo, so I'm only using 6 - there are 8. If you can move the mobo around to use different sets of holes pick the position that gets the most support - concentrate on supporting the PCI slots and the cpu socket - DIMM slots aren't so important cause you'll only rarely need to add RAM with the mobo in the case, and the same goes for IDE headers.
This is the only way to do it because the plugs at the back line up with the backing plate.. I hafta apply pressure to the mobo and the side of the mobo tray to get it in properly. and I don't like doing that. should I send the case back? cuz it's kinda weird this tray. I think it's bent in some way..
Did you try to bend the the wee metal bits on the ATX Plate out of the way. I had the same problem with the case, but a ECS K7VZA Board when I built my mate's PC.

Fitted eventually, without having bend the back any way.

Nice case tho, once you get the board fitted! I have one too!