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Abit KT7A & Enermax 350w Psu

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Feb 18, 2001
Right problem of the year,
i just got a 350w psu (enermax) as my 235w (powerman) so i was told was underpower.After connecting the enermax my sys wont boot,it cant find the secondery IDE devices (plextor 8/4/32a cdr & non name 52x cddrive)stick the 235w back on problem fixed.After swapping ide cables about it bit the man in the shop got it going,but then when he tried to show me it gave same error,we discoverd if we remove cd-r the sys will boot..Now i stuck cd-r back in and it started up and i aint turned sys off yet coz i rekon it'll screw up...Anyone know of any reason it will do this??
Any compat probs with enermax 350w and abit kt7a & plextors??

So far enermax dont know and shop keeper either....
That is weird! I am sure somebody has an idea how to fix this but I am at a loss! I am just bumping it up to the top so if it happens to me when I get my Antec 400watt ps I will know how to fix it.
I'm using the Kt7a with the enermax 350 with no troubles. This might be silly but are all your cables fitting snugly?

G'luck with it,

Please, you have Enermax EG365P-VE?
I ask you coz I'm waiting this Ps and I'm also thinking to replace my PIII 800EB System with an AMD 1 or 1.2Ghz :)
Ouch, I hope you can fix this because I'm waiting for an ebay auction to come through and then I'm picking one up also for my Kt7-RAID. Let us know if you fix this problem.
Yep i got a EG365P-VE
It's strange as i plugged my plextor in and tried it and everything ran normaly,I have looked at the plugs and all seems to fit properly,just wierd with my 235w powerman everything runs no probs,i tested it with a enermax 430w and 2 other 350w enermax's and also a 300w aopen and they all gave the problem.It is as though my kt7a dont like a psu above 235w ;(
Sounds like a bad Power Supply to me. Have you tried swapping to annother Enermax 350? A bad power supply can cause all kinds of wierd errors that seem to come from every different component in the system. I had a friend that kept getting all kinds of wierd stuff. Seemed like the hard drive was having problems, then he thought maybe it was bad memory, then he thought it was the motherboard. I told hem to change the power supply. He didn't belive me until I took over a power supply and installed it for him. He hasn't had a problem since.
I had an enermax 330 on my KT7 board and had a similar problem. But i just put my HDD's on the Secondary controller and my CD and CDRW on the primary and it worked fine. If I switched them back and put the cd's on the secondary it would not read my CDRW. Might want to switch them around.

PS... I had the same psu on my KT7A-Raid board and had no problem running any configuration. That was before I started using the raid also. Anyway hope this helps you out.