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Jan 26, 2001
Penn State University
I had a question about the fsb settings in my Abit KT7A's bios. It is my understanding that when you are at 133mhz and higher the pci speed is determined by a 1/4 divider. All of the numbers in there make sense to me except for when you get to the 145 fsb and it says the pci speed 34. This does not go along with the 1/4 divider. I don't think it is a bug in the bios because it was in the ww bios and in the new wz bios I am running now and it is also in the manual. Is there something special about the 145 fsb divider that I don't know? I am curious because I am currently running my system at a 150 fsb (8.5x150) and the pci is running at 37. If I were to use this 145 setting where the pci is running at 34 and then use the CPU FSB Plus to add the extra 5 mhz would my pci speed be slower? Thank you for all the help!

According to ABIT there is no real difference between FSB setting and the FSB plus setting. So adding that extra 5mhz will still add it to the PCI bus. I don't know why it is set up like that. They both seem to do the same thing. It might be for something in the future that ABIT was thinking about. As for the question about your PCI bus speed, I am not sure. The speeds seem to be very close to correct. The 150 setting is almost right on. Hope this helps a little.