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ABIT kt7a memory settings?

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Mar 17, 2001
OK, I'm new to overclocking and have a question I'm sure you guys can help with. I just upgraded to a kt7a motherboard, 800 MHz duron overclocked to 936 (8x117). It will not boot with greater than a 117 fsb because I'm using PC100 ram. Can I set the memory to run at a slower speed than the PCI clock, allowing me to get up to a 133 (or higher I suppose) FSB?

Another question, probably silly but, how do you change the CPU FSB Plus setting in the bios? It tells me to enter a number, but I can't type or change it.

Also, my temps have increased from 39 C @ 800 Mhz to 45 C at 940. At what temp would there be reason to worry? Thanks for the help!

Unfortunately it won't let you run the ram at anything less than the fsb, so you are kinda stuck until you can get some pc133.

The cpu fsb plus setting, when you go into softmenu, highlite it, then hit the page up or page down keys, it will change. Don't hit enter or anything, just the page up and page down keys in the section where the multipliers are and stuff. Be aware though, it DOES affect the pci bus, I know the manual says it doesn't, but Abit confirmed that it does.

I would your temp is OK, the highest I would let it go is 55'C MAX. I would suggest that you get some better cooling before you go any higher, anything above 50 usually kills the stability of the system. Hope this helps alittle.

Using a kt7a w/ pc-100 ram running the fsb at 130x32 w/ my mulitplier at 11. (gotta love micron) Try it, might work for you. Lowering your multiplier sometimes lets you get your fsb up higher. Also increasing your core voltage up to 1.85 and your i/o voltage to 3.5 or so might help as well. Just keep an eye on your temps. ;-)

set the cas to 3 take it out of turbo or fast mode in the bios for ramsettings,This may help stabilize the ram at a higher fsb.
Don't set your multilper at 11. <flails> I dropped mine to 11 from 12.5 but got a higher fsb. If you go from 8 to 7 and up your fsb might have better results. Upping your voltage will increase your temps but might help you get a better fsb clock with pc-100 ram. Imho anything below 50' c. is considered to be safe core temp.

G'luck with it,

117 FSB is good! Maybe not as a pure FSB, but the PCI-bus frequency is 39MHz! Awesome! Check the PCI-bus frequencies in the BIOS, 133/33 means 133 FSB, 33 PCI. 33MHz is standard for PCI.

I hope this helps you somewhat.