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Abit KT7A MoBo "weird problem" Please Help if u can

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New Member
Apr 6, 2001
This is an E-mail I sent to ABIT, Please comment if you know whats up. Thanks in advance

To whom it may concern,

I recently purchased a KT7A MoBo. I installed it in and Antec Full tower. I upgraded the Power Supply to a Sparkle 300watt unit.

Here is the system specs


Duron 750

128 MB of Mushkin Basic PC-133

Maxtor 10GB 7200 RPM

Iomagic Sound Card

Kingston NIC card

Elsa Gladiac GeForce 2 GTS 32MB video Card Nvidia 6.50 driver

4x4x24 CD Burner

50X CD drive

Ok here’s the deal. I ran it stock for a while. I then over clocked the chip. No problems. My multiplier is at 8.5X113. Running at 962 stable. It will not run at a FSB of 133mhz even though I back off the multiplier to 5.5X133. Wont even post. Well now when I shut down to change peripherals, like speakers, keyboards or mice. The computer does not post. I try the insert key which is totally worthless. The only way to get back in the bios is to pull the Lithium Battery out of the board for about 10 minutes. Then I have to set up EVERYTHING again. This happens when its over clocked and when it is set to defaults. I have 4 way interleave and memory timings set to FAST. The computer runs fine, I just cant change peripherals. This is very frustrating. I am not a “newbie” but I need some info. I have posted to forums talked to resellers and Gurus and they have never heard of it. Also when I try to change the multiplier to 9 it defaults back to 7. I am not trying to overclock recklessly I am trying to learn. I am happy with the product, it just sucks that when I want to use my headset I shut down unplug the speakers, plug the headset in and then NOTHING. The computer starts but will not post. Please Help. I can be contacted at 805-712-7224 to answer anymore of your questions you may have. I have always been told what great service you provide so I await a solution.


Anthony M. Ey
Well, I don't know about the reboot prob, but I think the multiplier resetting to 7 may be due to a bad unlock. What did you use to unlock it, I used a defogger kit(oops, mine isn't stable with any X.5 mult)LOL. If you used a pencil that may be the prob. When you set the fsb to 133 are you setting the ram to host-clk? I forgot to do that more than once and it was a real pain to get this started up again. I wish I could help you a little more but I have never really seen this prob on this board(I have a kt7a-raid as well). Good luck

Re-do the L1 traces. The KT7A will not let you select Host+PCI for memory when the FSB is above 122 Mhz.