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abit kt7a overclocking ?

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New Member
Feb 13, 2001
If I overclock my fsb does it overclock my pci, agp, isa, and ram. I have overclocked up to 1250 sucessfully but I dont want to burn up my other stuff on my pci. so I guess my ? is in soft menu III when I choose host/clk for my ram does it clock the ram the same as my fsb. I do not want to do the pencil trick cause i dont wanna void my cpu 3yr warranty. Thanx oh by the way i am running tbird 1 ghz
I have no idea if this could void your warrenty but I would assume not as it should be easy to remove.

It allows you to unlock the chip and use the multiplier. I haven't tried it but just thought I would give you an option.
If your T-bird is new, it probably already has the L1 bridges connected. Use the bios software to try to change your multiplier. If that works, you can set the cpu to 100 and the memory to 100+33 (if you have pc133 ram). The other option is to set the cpu to 133 and the ram then defaults to 133+0. These changes can be made without changing your pci clock or other peripherals. Get close to where you want, and then start increasing the fsb 1mhz at a time.
I got 1461mhz from my 1.2 athlon on the KT7-a motherboard using exactly these steps.