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Abit kt7a-raid HELP!!!

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New Member
Jan 4, 2001
Hey all
I just got a t-bird 1,3ghz and a kt7a-raid mb

my problem is that it wont boot, i think i have tried everything, taken out all the cards, floppy hdd cd, , attach on part after the other, but no it wont boot, the maskin starts, but don't boot and no signal to the monitor

Regards [email protected]
The first time you power up that mobo, you need a tachometer fan plugged into the Fan1 header, or else it won't fly. After that first time out, I believe that sensor is disabled in bios. They just don't want you powering up without an HSF on the CPU and frying it.

i do have a fan connected to fan1 on the mobo, but it still wont boot, it starts but it dont boot

THX for answering

by the way is a tachometer fan just a normal fan or a spessial one ?? i have a 40mm fan conected, my cpu fan is connected direct to the PS 12v
A tachometer fan means a 3 wire fan. It has a wire to bring the +12 to the motor (usually red) a wire to return to the supply (usually black) and a tachometer out put from the fan (usually yellow).

I would clear your CMOS, it is a jumper. If that and the fan do not work I would find a friend with another socket A motherboard. See if you can test you processor in their computer. Some of the computer hardware stores will do this for you. This will tell you if the problem is processor or motherboard. Since you did not say anything about beeps I suspect you have a DOA processor.
On the matter of clearing the CMOS make sure the jumper is not in the clearing position.. i know it sounds stupid but it has been done before

*** innocent look from me :) ***

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Good point Menace. i did this once also. Spent 15 or 20 minutes trying to figure it out. :)

Dude... clear the CMOS, make sure you have a three wire (red yellow black) fan connected, and then take out the CPU, clean the pins with isopropyl alcohol, replace it... if still no go, try borrowing a processor from someone that you know... try it, and if it works, you might have gotten a DOA processor.....

Best of Luck

Thanks guys, i will try it all, 1 more time, ill get back if i cant get it to work, ( i have tried clearing the cmos, the fan is a 3way)
so long....

if u didnt get the mobo and cpu together it may have bios set to somthing weird,like 7.5x100 or anything else try holding the insert key and booting cold.it may take 3 times to start but if all connections are ok it will boot.after it boots hold the delete key to enter bios and set up cpu
You might want to try a different fan. Some don't send the right signal, or the tach lead my have gone bad.