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Abit Kt7a-raid not too stable?

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Feb 13, 2001
Just got this board finish few days ago and I've run into alot of problem. First it was usb problem with my mouse but then I found out why it not working. Next come another problem, also I somehow manage to fix it, seem like everytime I fix something new problem arise, this board is not stable at all. Just now I was downloading 2 file at same time, then I download another file about 5 sec later screen just goes blank, it not only happen of this case but sometime it just goes blank screen for no reason. Anyone else experience weird thing like this with Kt7a-raid board?

ps: i'm not overclocking at moment
I've got a KT7A-R that I havent had problems with since my last reformat (~ 3weeks ago) it's been running nonstop for the past week, not a single crash or BSOD. What I did was as follows:

Install winblows
install SB Live drivers
install Via SP 4.28a
install Detonator3 6.50
install other hardware drivers
install necessary software from CD's

AND THEN before you start downloading and installing crap off the internet and replacing your backed up files, install a VIRUS CHECKER, update the definitions files and run a full HD scan. I had problems getting a good stable install of Win98 and found that I had a virus on my secondary partition where I back up all my crap. I thought I was invincible... never had problems with viral stuff before. You dont need it running full bore all the time.... just every now and then. I habitually scan my downloads folders after downloading something and before running it and it has kept me clean so far. I think this is the key to stability- I finally have a computer that's run for nearly a month w/o a BSOD or other crashing problem.

What's Via SP 4.28a? and did you install any special program that have to do with the mobo?
sorry, I wasn't terribly clear on that one....

I was referring to the Via 4 in 1 Service Pack 4.28a, which can be downloaded from Via Hardware.

Other than that the only other mobo specific stuff I installed was my HPT370 drivers for the RAID controllers.

make sure also that you are not installing stuff while overclocked. Make sure your memory is running at 100 MHz, CAS3 rather than any higher perfomance settings, to insure you dont get stuff scrambled on your HD while installing. If you scramble that stuff during installation there's no hope for recovery.