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Abit kt7A RAID or No RAID??

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May 14, 2001
First of all I would like to all great overclokers here. This is my 1st message posted and hope u guys can help me up.

I plan to do my first overcloking soon. and I've spend sometime in the forum. I've heard everybody talking about this greate board Abit KT7A - Raid.

My question is : Is the Abit KT7A is as good as Abit KT7A -RAID ?(just left out the raid function?)
Do they have the same feature(except raid) and as stable and as overclockable?

Thank you so much for your time and knowledge.

p/s: I'm sure I'm not going to use RAID
I have both of those mobo's Raid n reg. , Raid is for havin More HDD's in ur sytem, i can have 6 HDD's w/ Raid and only 2 with reg. I like these boards alot.
These are identical but for the two extra ide channels on the R version..
I think the R version is a better buy, since getting two extra ide channels is fine, no matter if you use RAID or not.
Thanks Taipan
Thanks Eriksson and
Thanks TT120

Your replies are very useful for me. Thanks again for your time and knowledge.
I would get raid
I had a kt7 RAID with 2 IBM 45gb 7200rpm ata 100 drives
you should use raid striping
it makes all hard drive related operations twice as fast, all for the cost of an extra drive. If I had a choice between 1333 no striping or 800 and striping, I'd take the 800
of course, that's what I had, and now I have a 1333 with striping
I'm hoping to go to a 15000rpm scsi raid, but I don't want to put 900 dollars into a drive system.