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ABIT KT7A-RAID problem with raid

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New Member
Jan 2, 2001

I've just bought this board and setup a raid with 2 maxtors 40 Gb 7200/100
drives ,

but my drive speed score's are way low under sandra sisoft 2001

i get 21000 , a mate of mine has a promise controller(raid ) with 2 IBM's 7200/100 and hé gets 31000

any advice ?
greetZ Neo
My kt7-raid was doing the same thing my drives would barley beat a udma 33 drive according to sandra after I raised the fsb they score much better. Hope this helps.
My FSB is at 133

running my T-bird 1200C at default speed
the is an Network card sharing an IRQ with my onboard raid

sys specs

T-bird 1200
Vulcano II cooler
17G Quantum on primaire ide
2x 40GB Maxtors both master on RAID-controller
Pioneer DVD and Plex 16/10/40 on the sec. IDE
512Mb ram
creative Gforce GTS - AGP
2x network PCI 5 and PCI4
SBLive PCI 3

that should be it

any help is welcome
In win2K I get 35000 and 42000 in 98SE... With two ATA 100 Raid-0.

Make sure you got the 4in1 VIA drivers installed for your OS and that DMA is enabled in Control panel/System/Hardware/Device manager/Disk drives...*note* Win2k reports third party drivers (like VIA) as SCSI..this is normal.
Good luck
I'm having a bit of a different problem with my RAID controller... I just wanna use it as an extra IDE for this older HD I have laying around. I hook it up, and keep hitting ctrl H to try to get into HPT setup and it never gets in there... I flashed BIOS to wz110b to no avail. My HPT370 drivers are installed in Win98 and I am running 4 in 1 v 4.28a so what's the deal? can I not use the extra IDE's as regular IDE controllers? anyone have any experience with this? thanks

You can only get into the HP370 Bios when 2 or more drives are connected ,

otherwise it just acts as an ATA100 IDE controller

Now back to my prob.
I removed a networkcard that was sharing the same IRQ as the HPT controller , now my sandra sisoft speed went up to 35000 in WinME is this normal or should I expect more ?
What bios are you using? I re-flashed to wz110b and I can get into the HPT370 settings even with zero drives connected.... everything seems to be working OK now....
gonna set up a striping array with these 2 850 MB drives I got sitting around just for the fun of it...... :)