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Abit Kt7a-raid problems, is my mobo dead?

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Nov 23, 2002

This is a last shot attempt, I've tried to do everything to hopefully fix it but nothing work and i'm hoping someone here have a similar symptons and maybe somehow know how to make it work back?

My board is an abit kt7a-raid, i was playing my comp normally and all of sudden i smelled some burning chip smell come out from my case. I turn it off right away and turn the power supply back on, now the mobo just power up by itself without even touching the power button or power sw and there's no signal whatsoever. Did my mobo just fried? or is there someone else have some simliar experience with this and manage to fix it? Just one last desperation chance before I have to head out and buy a new board. Thanks.
That sure doesn't sound good. Can you see anything with any scorch marks on it? A motherboard spontaneously frying seems unlikely, but not impossible.

You really need to try and determine what fried, so you won't just repeat it with a new motherboard. I'd pull your system apart, and give everything the once over. Look for scorch marks on the ATX connector, the CPU, and anywhere else you can think of.

Do you have a spare CPU you can try?

This board is one of the ones that has suffered from bad capacitors. In my experience, you get some warning when they are going out, system instability and reboots. I caught my KT7A in time, and replaced the capacitors before their failure irreparably damaged the board. Take a look, and see if any of the capacitiors are bulging at the top.

The KT7A is a good motherboard, and I hope that you are able to revive it.