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Abit KT7A wont go over 133 FSB

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Mar 1, 2001
Sacramento, CA.
Ok, I got my KT7A back from Abit, looked like a brand new board. I hooked it up and everything was cool so I started to run the FSB up. Got to 150 and it wouldnt post, I think my vid card dont like speeds that high, so i backed it down some and still nothing. Now it wont post with anything over 133 not even 134. I know everything is good to about 148 cause thats what I run it at on my KT7A raid board. It was going over 133 at first but now, nothing over 133. I cleared cmos but that didnt help. Anybody got any ideas?
mine did the same thing,at first posted and ran way up.got some windows protection errors after running that changed windows in command files.well got that straight and my signature is as good as it will do.at that speed all memory tweaks are enabled,but will not run stably any higher
I'm going to give Abit the benefit of and assume they at least test the mobos before they ship them. From my experience in the consumer electronics field, that is not a given. Some do AQL sampling and some would just as soon let the consumer be the QA department. I'm fairly certain that if they make a board that is Spec'd at 133 Mhz FSB, they sure as heck aren't going to test it above spec. Why invite rejects in manufacturing. The fact that they perform above the spec is simply a matter of good fortune. Much like how far you can OC a given CPU is a matter of the luck of the draw, when you purchased it. In both cases, I would be surprised if either AMD or Abit, or whoever would issue an RMA because their product did not exceed specification. If you can talk them into it, more power to you. The reseller may have a better policy to encourage your business. Reward those who do, with more business. Personally, my spin on motherboards is that if they have a setting available in the bios, whether it exceeds spec or not, it should work, assuming all your add-on boards, memory and cpu can handle it. Lately, from my own experience and reading post on this board and other boards, I'd say that Abit motherboards are less predictable than they used to be. For a while, almost everyone was hitting 150 FSB, then there was a period of variability. It could be as simple as a problem with VIA chipsets or other components that abit has no control over, or they could have found a less select lot of chips that cost a few pennies less and are trying to improve their profit margin. Who knows...

It's memory...guaranteed. Sometimes, it may not actually be bad ram, but the ram will not go anything above it's rated specs. Get ahold of another chip, and try it. Once, I had some name brand Micron memory, didnt go anywhere above 110fsb on my Abit KT7E motherboard, but after I put in some no name stuff, I can get 140+