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Abit or Asus ???? That is the Question.

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Jan 26, 2001
Alright guys, am buying board tomorow, last chance to pursuad me!
This board is for a 950 T-bird, Voodoo 5 5500, and all the other standard stuff.

I think I have settled on the Abit KT7a-Raid, but would like your input. What do you think?? This will be my first REAL mobo and will be used to O/C to the max. of the Athlons ability.

Please let me know!!
abit by all means...i just got another abit board and it's all happiness for me...heheheheehe...very cool!
A7V, KT7, they both smoke Intel. They both rock.
Either is a good choice. I run both. You will hear goods and bads about both. Truth is, when all is said and done, neither REALLY outdoes the other. You would never see the difference in performance.
Good choice, enjoy your new adventure.
You guys are sucked in by the hype! I've got an epox ep-8kta2 and a t-bird 700 thats rock solid at 1000mhz and its about $50 cheaper than abit or asus, follow the herd or climb your own mountain, its up to you!
I've tested both Abit and Asus. I own an Abit SA6R and it's phenominal for an Intel board. I'd recommend Abit over anything out there right now.