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Abit Removal from AMD "recommended" list

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Jan 13, 2001
Minneapolis, MN
I just bought a KT7A-R a couple of weeks ago now and just yesterday morning I received word via the front page that AMD had taken the KT7, KT7-R, and KT7A and KT7A-R off their "approved" motherboard list. I am rather pissed as if I had known this I would have gotten a MSI K7T Turbo. Does anyone know why? I didn't make it to that letter from AMD before it got pulled from AMDzone... no one has a copy of that do they? or even remember what the jist of the article was? Any info would be appreciated.

I am surprised too.

Good thing about abit is that they ususally push the envelope wrt o/cing. May be too much for AMD?

Bad thing about ABit is their barely existent customer service. May be too bad for AMD?

All guesses I guess until we hear more

There is an article on amd's page stating that they are having a problem with the higher end processors with soft booting and so therefore they pulled them for not "meeting" their expectations.