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Abit RMA Experiences?

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Feb 13, 2001
Twin Cities
I'm at wits end. My 3 week old KT7A refuses to OC the FSB reliably beyond 133 and won't even post beyond 136 regardless of multiplier. You can't suggest something I have not already tried. So, now I have to accept that fact and live with it, or send it in for what I assume will be a replacement of the Northbridge controller. Has anyone else had to do this kind of thing? Will Abit acknowledge the inability to run the FSB above 133 as a problem even? Am I gonna be without my PC for so long that I'll forget what it was I wanted to do with it? If I read another post about someone running 140, 150, even 160 on the FSB, I'm gonna blow!

I've had mine as high as 140 MHz FSB on my Duron 700 but I guess this isn't a whole lot beyond what you got... I just havent tested it higher (I am liking the way my system is right now - ultra stable. Havent rebooted in a week) and I dont see the need to run up my PCI and AGP speeds, especially after the problems I had running my K6-2 at 112 FSB. (My IDE drives would get all weird). But from what I have seen with the KT7A series boards, 145-150 MHz FSB is about average. I would look into RMA'ing that board.

On a side note, where in MN are you? you had mentioned that in another post. I'm a southwest TC suburbs guy myself.... maybe we could get a Twin Cities overclockers.com LAN bash going sometime this summer.

Thanks QSW. That was a useful tip. At least I have an idea of what I'm in for, should I go the RMA route. I appreciate it.

Well, it looks like NewEgg is going to back up their 30 day satisfation guaranteed policy. New board on the way along with RMA for old one. I'll let you all know how this plays out.

ABIT's web site says they don't RMA directly, it can only be done threw the Vendor that the board was bought from.
I wonder if your problem Is EVEN that board ???

A lot of items will keep you from posting,or running windows when the fsb is pushed beyond specs,

What processor do you have??What ram,,My kt7a will run at 133,150,were I am now and 155.Many other settings just dont work well does this mean the board is bad ?? Not at all,Matter of fact till I put the Tiny pc150 6ns ram in,I could never get to the 150 FSB

Abit KT7A
AXIA,,1.2 at 9x150=1350
I had the same problem with my Abit KT7A Raid. The board only hit about 136, same as you. I tweaked the I/O voltage and got it to run stable at 140 and 90% stable at 145. All components in the system have been tested at 160 fsb/40 PCI in my Asus CUSL2-C with a P3 866 so I know nothing else is holding it back. You may want to give the I/O a tweak before you RMA the board.
Actually, I had another post i a few days ago, chronicling all that I have tried, Including 2 other CPUs, 3 different video boards, new 400W PSU, new 256M PC150CL2/166CL3 ram stick, removed all other cards, three different bios revs (ww,wz,yh), two different via 4in1 revs, all multipliers 5x-12x have the same problem, core and I/O voltages as high as 2.1/3.8, 2 cans of freeze spray chilling different components on the board, starting with the northbridge and movin out from there, every conceivable combination of both conservative and agressive bios settings, O/S has no bearing, though I tried Win ME and 98se, because it never gets past post, I even went to church this past Sunday and not one bit of impact from any of these. That's enough of my time and money Period
FWIW, the board runs solid at 11x133 @ 1.85/3.4.
If the FSB is not supposed to run above 133, then why have the setting choices in the bios in the first place?

A little over a week ago I had a long talk with Abit’s technical support. They will not support overclocking. If a board functions at stock speeds, it’s fine.

There has been some evidence that deteriorating filter caps in for six voltage regulators is responsible for diminishing overclocked FSB speeds. All of the filter caps can be replaced for about $6 from www.mouser.com.
Deteriorating or inadequate ESI? Mine are kinda new to be deteriorating already.

This is the same Abit that brought us the KT7, a nice motherboard touted to support both 100 and 133 chips, yet never worked reliably above 105 or so on the FSB!

It's not hard to create a problem on the motherboard worthy, even in Abits eyes, of an RMA. A properly placed ESD shot works wonders, yet is invisible.

A quick note on FSB. I have two KT7-Rs. One will do 114 and the other 115 although a faulty Enermax 651 just killed the faster board.