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Abit TH7-II Links and FAQ

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Nov 2, 2001
Tulsa Oklahoma
William, Sticky Needed!

I've been seeing a lot of very useful posts that should be permanently displayed. Since there is no TH7II website we should support ourselves by providing all the useful files, programs, links, tips, and tricks that we can in the form of a Sticky.
I think we've asked for one before but we REALLY mean it.:)

Who needs a TH7II website anyway? We've got a great one here! Plus we have all the tools and support needed.

I think that the first ones "stuck" should be bios links and then the wire wrap how-to by Batboy. Once that's started we'll have the best place to go for all our TH7II needs.

I don't want to leave any of the other boards out though.
If a sticky could be put up for all the different Abit boards there would be an excellent place to build from.

Wow, great minds think alike. I'd been seriously thinking about editing my P-4 wire trick write up, linking the articles, pics, and diagrams that I used for reference, maybe adding some TH7-II BIOS optimization suggestions, providing some links for BIOS files and utilities, describe some of the cooling mods that I and others have done to the TH7-II, etc., etc. and then having Mr. B or William make it a sticky. Maybe I should go for another full blown homepage tech article? If there seems to be enough interest and others are willing to help me out by providing suggestions, comments, and material... I could be talked into doing this.
and others are willing to help me out by providing suggestions, comments, and material... I could be talked into doing this.

Anything you need, just let me know. This will benefit us all.
Yeah, I think a permanant post of TH7II specific files would be a real time saver to many people. Great idea guys, just hope the Moderator thinks so too.
Ok, I just bookmarked this topic, probably all TH7-II owners should too. Everyone please start listing links to tech articles, and forum posts that you think might have good info or might describe worthy mods.

Ok, here are some VID pinning articles to start out the link gathering process.




A link that shows pics and diagrams of my Northwood VID pinning method.


Here is a link for our forum discussion about northbridge cooling mods.


Here is a link for our forum discussion about RDRAM cooling and clock generator chips.


Here is a link to ColdDisposition's topic where he lists links for TH7-II bios's and tweaking files.


Check out this link if you're having lock ups going into the BIOS setup.


Follow this link for a discussion of TH7-II drivers needed when using Windows XP.


Need info about temp sensors on the TH7-II? Then go here.


Here is a link that discusses the TH7-II voltage mod.


"Differential Current" BIOS setting


What about hardware review links for the TH7-II?




Ok, your turn now guys, gals, and geeks.
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This will be quite a fun challenge to come up with the most useful links.

  • We can't miss this ONE. It's the Mother of our Boards' Website
  • Here's one that should be grouped with the Bios files. It's Bootdisk.com
  • And for all you RAID users, here's Highpoints's site
  • And if there's any way we can update the sticky on a regular basis we can keep everyone up-to-date on the latest drivers.
    Here's the latest Det4 from VisionTek its the 27.50
  • And this is a link to a site with the most TH7II review links I've ever seen. This site is pretty good!

I'll keep lookin!
I know y'all got some more links to add!
LOL...I'm glad someone is nagging me to keep me motivated. Ok, as promised I sent a PM to the mods and as you can clearly see, William has made a "sticky" of the thread. We are on a roll now.

I have decided to submit a real article to document my Northwood VID pinning method to the overclockers.com guides (which is linked from the homepage). VID pinning the Northwood is technically not part of the Abit motherboard section anyway.

We can link my future CPU wire wrap article to the sticky for easy reference, no problem. I'll continue to add links to my above post as I come across them. I encourage everyone else to post links for our beloved Abit TH7-II too
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I can host a TH7-2 FAQ on my site if you guys want. I get roughly 2500-3000 clicks a day.

I was over on the anandtech forums, and someone had a much easier method of wiring the vid pins together. It seems like it should work just the same: bend a very fine wire into a U-shape and drop it into the appropriate holes that correspond ot the correct socket pins, then simply plug in your cpu. Thanks to mschell for this easier method.
That pin hole method is easier if you're only connecting VID #3 and #4 pins for a default of 1.7v. That's what I did too. But if you are connecting more than 2 pins, it's better to wire wrap, just ask TC who nearly fried his system doing that.
Bananaskin said:
As a matter of interest how do u manage to get the ABIT TH7 II to 1.7v core, my bios is maxed at 1.625

Bananaskin, there's a beta BIOS floating around this forum that allows you to adjust your core voltage to 1.85V. You can also find info on the wire wrapping mod in the Intel CPU forum.
Enigma422 said:

Bananaskin, there's a beta BIOS floating around this forum that allows you to adjust your core voltage to 1.85V. You can also find info on the wire wrapping mod in the Intel CPU forum.

Cheers, just downloaded it. Gonna flash it in a sec
Outstanding thread.

I have been hanging out over at the S.I. board at Hardforum. Two months ago these Intel Board forums were dead. Good to see that they have mad a huge comeback.