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Abit THll with a P4 2.5/400 FSB?

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New Member
Nov 8, 2002
Hi There; This is my first thread. First I want to thank you all for given so much input. Aspecially guy,s like me who are a little bit older with my 50 year,s and first begin computering 2 year,s ago apriciate the high learning factor from this board. Well here is my question: Recently i buy the Abit TH7ll together with 2x128MB Rambus 40ns. with the intention to mount the new P4 2.5GHertz 400 FSB on it. But then I find out that the highest multi on this MB is 24, and what i need is ofcourse a 25 multi. I can,t send the MB back becouse i buy it secondhand. So what wil happend when i mount the 2.5er? Did annyone try it before? B.T.W. Abit Europe tell,s me that this P4 wil not be supported and that there will no Bios update to support higher multi,s Verry much greeting,s from the Netherland,s and sorry for the poor attemp to whrite your language. Oranje
Normally , it should work without problem as the multiplier is fixed and cant be changed . In cpu soft menu just put the right speed 100 fsb( or more to overclock if you wish later ,should go till 125-30 )in user define menu and dont worry about the multiplier . Keep the rdram at x4 and put a bit more voltage (1,6v )as the th7 II undervolt a lot .

P4 1,6A@2375@1,62v+ Alpha 8942+Delta FFB0812SHE
ABIT TH7 II Bios 43a + LEADTECK GF 4200 TI VIVO + 2HDD Maxtor D740X 40GB
2x256 Samsung RDRAM PC800 @148x3
PIONEER dvd 116 +LITEON CDRW 16x10x40
Lian Li PC 69 case with 2 80mm intake fans+ 1 80mm exhaust + 1 slot fan +Enermax 365 PSU with 2 exhaust fans ,
cpu fan and case fans controlled by homemade diobus.
cpu temp 45°C idle 56°C full load (p95 ) MB temp 32°C idle 36°C load ,case temp 25°C